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CCIS 2016 sessions

TS1: Non-linear dynamics and applications

A Parallel Cellular Automaton Applied to Traffic Simulation With Different Driving Style 60

Marcelo Zamith, Juliana Zamith, Regina Célia P. Leal-Toledo and Esteban Clua

A realistic cellular automata model for multi-lane traffic considering drivers’ profiles effects 72

Regina Celia P. Leal-Toledo, Marcelo Zamith, Elson M. Toledo and Esteban Clua

Determination of Cardiac Ejection Fraction by Electrical Impedance Tomography using Simulation Models and Computational Intelligence 67

Tales Fonseca, Luciana Campos, Franciane Peters, Rodrigo Weber, Luis Paulo Barra and Leonardo Goliatt

A mathematical analysis about Zika virus outbreak in Rio de Janeiro 73

Americo Cunha Jr, Eber Paiva, João Peterson, Michel Tolsin and Vinícius Lopes

TS2a: Signal and Image processing

Self-configured neural network for data assimilation using FPGA for ocean circulation 39

Sabrina Bergoch Monteiro Sambatti, Haroldo Fraga de Campos Velho, Helaine Cristina Morais Furtado, Vitor Conrado Gomes and Andrea S. Char√£o

On the Statistical Behaviour of the Aggregate Interference from WSDs into DTT systems 47

Mauro Lima and José Mauro Fortes

Analysis of image quality in a multiobjective context based on PSO-CLAHE 38

Adriana Coronel, Monserrat Mora, Luis G. Moré, Diego Pedro Pinto Roa and José Luis Vázquez Noguera

A proposal for the implementation of Watershed segmentation algorithm for color images based on immersions simulations 92

Martin Poletti, Joan Ruax, Jose Vazquez and Horacio Legal

TS2b: Signal and Image processing

An Image Processing Tool for Automatic germline TP53 R337H Mutation Detection through PCR-RFLP 51

Juan José Dos Santos, Edith Falcón de Legal, José L. Vázquez Noguera and Horacio Legal-Ayala

Image color contrast enhancement using multiscale morphology 101

Julio Mello, Horacio Legal Ayala and José Luis Vázquez Noguera

Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Automatic Categorical Change Detection in Satellite Imagery 44

Jose Renato Garcia Braga, Gianpaolo Conte, Patrick Doherty, Haroldo Fraga Campos Velho and Elcio Hideiti Shiguemori

3D Medical Image Registration using Mutual Information and Scatter Search 88

Gabriel Gimenez, Lorenzo Lopez, Pedro P. Cespedes, Joaquin Lima and Diego P. Pinto

TS3a: Data Science and e-Science

A Modular Architecture for the Development of Online Social Networks Simulators based on Chainable Processing Modules 10

Andre Franceschi De Angelis, Guilherme Oliani Neto and Rebeca Pérsike Paschoaletto

Evaluating the Performance of Decision Tree Algorithms CART and C4.5 for an Object-Based Urban Land Cover Classification 23

Paulo Roberto S. Ruiz, Cláudia Maria Almeida, Camila S. A. Lacerda, Thales S. Körting and Leila Maria G. Fonseca

Image Classification using Neural Networks and Random Forest for a Citizen Science Project 59

Marilyn Menecuccci Ibanez, Adenilson Carvalho and Fernando Ramos

Improving the efficiency of routing solution in elastic optical networks 62

Majid Forghani and Luiz Bonani

TS3b: Data Science and e-Science

Severe precipitation evaluation in Belo Horizonte - Brazil: Data mining approach 19

Heloisa Musetti and Haroldo Campos Velho

A high performance virtual workspace for management and monitoring of scientific applications 32

Bruno Bustamante Ferreira Leonor, Walter Abrahao Dos Santos and Reinaldo Rosa

Meteorological File Transfer Analysis: a case study 48

Ivo Koga and Eugenio Almeida

Exploratory study of the ELK stack for meteorological observation system data analysis 50

Eug√™nio Sper De Almeida, Ivo Kenji Koga, M√°rcio Antonio Aparecido Santana, Patr√≠cia L√ļcia De Oliveira Guimar√£es, Luciana Miura Sugawara and Tero Eklin

TS4a: Scientific and parallel computing

First Steps to Automatic Interpretation of Electroencephalograms 21

Valério Ramos Batista

Estimated FFT Interval 30

Elisa Arcanjo, Erivelton Geraldo Nepomuceno and Leonardo Bonato Felix

Ionosphere model experiment using ensemble techniques 36

Fernando Emilio Puntel, Adriano Petry, Haroldo Fraga de Campos Velho and Jonas Rodrigues de Souza

Performance optimization of the LTSn method 45

Roberto P. Souto, Haroldo F. Campos Velho and Stephan Stephany

TS4b: Scientific and parallel computing

Empirical Analysis of Linear System Solving Algorithms 78

Raquel de Souza, Anderson Zudio, Igor Coelho, Cristiane Faria, Paulo Pinto and Fabiano Oliveira

A parallel implementation of the ordinary kriging algorithm for heterogeuous computing environments 85

Thales Luis Sabino, Gisele Goulart Tavares, Leonardo Goliatt, Marcelo Lobosco, Rodrigo Weber and Filipe Chaves

An Efficient Linearization Technique for Non linear Diffusive Problems 127

Henrique Sarmento and Estaner Claro Rom√£o

TS4c: Scientific and parallel computing

On control strategy for stagnated restarting GMRES(m) 76

Juan Carlos Cabral Figueredo, Pedro Torres and Christian Schaerer

Tomographic reconstruction using incremental and NFFT methods 126

Camila Lima and Elias Salomao Helou Neto

Scalability in island models: computational experiments with the social spider algorithm 107

Grasiele Duarte, Afonso Lemonge and Leonardo Goliatt

Quandoop: A Classical Simulator of Quantum Walks on Computer Clusters 84

David S. Souza, Franklin De L. Marquezino and Alexandre A. B. Lima

TS5a: New Trends for Computing and Application

Optimization of the Composite Resins Photoativation by a Computational Controller 15

Pedro Affonso, Gabriel Guimar√£es, Gabriel Cardoso, Edilmar Marcelino and Rafael Sim√Ķes

Implementing the swarm algorithm in multi robots 64

Amir Hossein Omidvar, Luiz de Siqueira Martins Filho, Annibal Hetem Junior and Atena Amanati Shahri

Staggered Quantum Algorithm for Element Distinctness 66

Alexandre Abreu, Luis Kowada and Franklin Marquezino

TS5b: New Trends for Computing and Application

Preliminary evaluation of accuracy improvement in Arduino-based single-frequency GPS receiver using ionosphere simulation data 86

Guilherme Vieira Hollweg, Adriano Petry, Fernando Emilio Puntel, Telmo Dos Santos Klipp and Everson Mattos

Real-Time Cubesat Thermal Simulation using Artificial Neural Networks 94

José Daniel Reis Junior, Ana Maria Ambrosio and Fabiano Luis Sousa

Framework to evaluate the control and navigation systems for UAVs using the kinect sensor 106

Paulo Rogério Siqueira Custódio, Bruno Michel Pera, Gustavo Carlos Da Silva, Helosman Valente de Figueiredo and Osamu Saotome

Embedded system for automatic landmark detection using images captured by UAVs 112

Ana Laura Gonçalves Da Silva and Elcio H. Shiguemori

TS5c: New Trends for Computing and Application

Development of Contact Interaction-based Navigation of Mobile Robots 65

Atena Amanati Shahri, Luiz de Siqueira Martins Filho, Leandro Baroni and Amir Hossein Omidvar

Development of a Swarming Algorithm Based on Reynolds Rules to control a group of multi-rotor UAVs using ROS 83

Rafael Braga, Alexandre Carlos Brandao Ramos and Roberto Silva

A framework to provide self-adaptive support to scientific software systems 98

Moacyr Gon√ßalves Cereja Junior, Nilson Sant’Anna and Marcos Paulo Salgueiro

A New Parameter for Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm 105

Bruno Chagas and Renato Portugal

SS1b: Computational Astrophysics and Cosmology

Semantic Model for Solar Data Organization and Sharing: CRAAM-SVO 116

Israel Dos Santos, Nizam Omar and Adriana V√°lio

SS2a: Uncertainty quantification, inverse problems, and data assimilation

Vibration-based Damage Identification using the Multi-Particle Collision Algorithm with Hooke-Jeeves coupled with NASTRAN 17

Reynier Hern√°ndez Torres, Haroldo Campos Velho and Leonardo Chiwiacowsky

A software development to retrieve, process, store and visualize satellite data from CDAAC database 18

Telmo Dos Santos Klipp, Adriano Petry and José Valentin Bageston

Analysis of rotorcraft dynamics by bred vector 20

Ivana Yoshie Sumida, Thiago Ritto and Haroldo Campos Velho

Moisture Data Assimilation to the Global FSU Atmospheric Model 34

Rosangela Cintra, Haroldo Campos Velho and Steve Cocke

Analysis of the Breeding Technique applied to the CPTEC-AGCM Model 57

Luis Fernando Salgueiro Romero, Sandra Aparecida Sandri and Haroldo de Campos Velho

SS2b: Uncertainty quantification, inverse problems, and data assimilation

Stochastic fields to analyze uncertainties in laminated structures with viscoelastic core 11

William Hernandez, Daniel Castello and Ritto Thiago

Statistical behaviour of the interference produced by MF TDMA VSAT networks 42

Americo Ariel Rubin de Celis Vidal and Jose Mauro Pedro Fortes

Understanding a Version of Multivariate Symmetric Uncertainty to assist in Feature Selection 54

Gustavo Sosa-Cabrera, Miguel Garcia-Torres, Santiago Gomez, Christian Schaerer and Federico Divina

A Global Optimization DFO-CRS Strategy for 1D Full Waveform Inversion 91

Rutinaldo Nascimento, √Ālvaro Neto, Yuri Shalom Bezerra, Marcos Henriques, Hugo Nascimento and Liacir Lucena

SS3: Hybrid Computing

Multicore and Many-core Architectures in a Parallel O(N log N) Friends-of-Friends Algorithm for Astronomical Object Classification 24

Otavio Migliavacca Madalosso, Andrea Charao, Haroldo Campos Velho, Renata Ruiz and Jo√£o Vicente Ferreira Lima

A compact Twofish 128/192/256-bits key hardware module 41

Otavio S. M. Gomes and Robson Luiz Moreno

A Survey of GPU Computing Methods for Real Time Simulation of Cardiac Dynamics 70

Eduardo C. Vasconcellos, Esteban Clua, Flavio H. Fenton and Marcelo Zamith 0

Implementation of a Blind Source Separation Algorithm in a Heterogeneous Computing Architecture 108

Oswaldo Fratini Filho and Ricardo Suyama


The OSNSim Standardization Proposal for Input Parameters in Online Social Networks Simulations 8

Andre Franceschi De Angelis, Rebecca Melin Alonso and Paula Luciene Oliveira Libardi

Simulation of fluid dynamics and CO2 gas exchange in the alveolar sacs of the human lung 12

Luis J. Caucha and Obidio Rubio Mercedes

An algorithm to find clusters of information in genome sequences using Shannon Entropy 16

Rafael Sim√Ķes, Lauana Foga√ßa, Bruno Corr√™a and Guilherme Valente

Drag force in wind tunnels: a new method 22

Paulo Victor Santos Souza

Reactions and Sentiments Predictions for Posting in Social Networking 27

Eduar Pereira

Arithmetic Intensity Measurement in SpMV and SpMM 29

Elias Maciel, Pedro Torres and Christian Schaerer

A comparison of Explicit, Implicit, and IMEX time integration schemes for the two-dimensional Burgers’ System 31

Antonio Maurício Zarzur, Stephan Stephany, Saulo R. Freitas and Haroldo Fraga de Campos Velho

New features in galaxy morphological analysis 35

Rubens Sautter, Reinaldo Rosa and Reinaldo de Carvalho

Implementing a multi-purpose optimization code: Heuristika 37

Joao Luiz Kohl-Moreira

Automatic Morphological Classification of Galaxy Images 40

Jos√© Zacar√≠as Salinas N√ļ√Īez, Miguel Garc√≠a-Torres, Christian Emilio Schaerer Serra, Horacio Legal Ayala and Federico Divina

An investigation of ocean model uncertainty through ensemble forecast and data assimilation experiments in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean 49

Leonardo N. Lima, Stephen G. Penny and Luciano P. Pezzi

Mathematical modeling of lead removal by natural hydroxyapatite from aqueous solution in batch systems 52

Arturo Romero, Pablo Casanova, Norma Caballero, Christian Schaerer and Magna Monteiro

Multiscale two stage image denoising by LPG-PCA 53

César Vasconsellos, Santiago Gómez and Christian Schaerer

Comparing ORB and AKAZE for visual odometry of unmanned aerial vehicles 121

Daniel Rodrigues Roos, Elcio Hideiti Shiguemori and Ana Carolina Lorena


A Web Portal Framework for Remote Execution of High Performance Applications in Astronomy 25

Otavio Migliavacca Madalosso, Andrea Charao, Haroldo Campos Velho and Renata Ruiz

Changes in the linear system equations solver to optimize the Ocean Land Atmosphere Model 26

Mariano Silva, Carla Osthoff, Pedro Dias and Roberto Souto

Shape matching using CPS and Splines 63

Gerardo Ramos, Rodrigo Santos and Christian Schaerer

Prediction of energy load of buildings using machine learning methods 69

Grasiele Duarte, Priscila Capriles, Leonardo Goliatt and Afonso Lemonge

Graphic user interface for 3D electromagnetic analysis of high voltage equipment 81

Alan Rosa

Modeling insecticide resistance during on-purpose infestation of Aedes populations by Wolbachia. 82

Bliman Pierre-Alexandre, Christian Schaerer and Pastor E. Pérez Estigarribia

A Software Tool for Analysis and Forecast of Hydrometeorological Variables 89

Fernando Xavier, Asterio Kiyoshi Tanaka and Fernanda Araujo Bai√£o

Determination of structural parameters of mitochondrial DNA of Trypanosoma cruzi: a multidisciplinary fluorescence approach 90

Francisco Lopes, Camila Gonçalves and Danielle Cavalcanti

Predicting the evolution of dengue fever in a patient 95

Eliane Haideé Fernández Espínola

Automatic Landmark Selection for 115

Paulo Silva Filho, Allan Melo and Elcio Shiguemori


Climate precipitation prediction using optimal neural network architecture in Southeast Region of Brazil 43

Juliana Anochi, Haroldo Campos Velho and Reynier Hern√°ndez Torres

Numerical simulations of CO2 dissolution in a saline aquifers with deformed interface 97

Rachel Lucena, Norberto Mangiavacchi, Anne De Wit, José Pontes and Fabian Brau

A Multi Objective Optimization Approach For Contrast Enhancement Of Color Images 99

Luis G. Moré, Diego Pedro Pinto Roa and José Luis Vázquez Noguera

A new alternative for morphological reconstruction of RGB color images 100

Edgar Ruben Godoy Liseras, Horacio Legal Ayala and José Luis Vázquez Noguera

A new image feature extractor with applications on autonomous navigation of UAV based on position estimation and computer vision 102

Juan Camilo Fonseca Galindo, Andr√© Paim Lemos and √Člcio Hideiti Shiguemori

Astronomical classification of objects using machine learning techniques 111

Walter Santos

Effect of the cell length on the wavelength selection in the Kuramoto-Szivashinskii dynamics 113

Jean Carlo Frazzoli, Norberto Mangiavacchi and José Pontes

Methods for image restoration: application to medical and astronomical images 120

Ana Paula Shiguemori, Murilo Dantas, Renata Ruiz, Haroldo Campos Velho and Cristiano Strieder

Advances in computational morphometry for intensive data analysis in astrophysics and cosmology 123

Reinaldo Rosa and Reinaldo Carvalho

Ontology Extension: From Language To Galaxies 124

Paulo Barchi, Estevam Hruschka Junior, Fausto Guzzo Da Costa, Reinaldo Ramos De Carvalho and Reinaldo Roberto Rosa

Finger Vein Authentication Using Local Ternary Co-Occurrence Pattern Feature Descriptor 125

C Varun, Surbhit Bhatnagar, Bhaskar Sri Lalith Kuchimanchi and Manmohan