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PACIS - Basic Preliminary Statute

Name and Headquarters of the Association

Article 1 - The name of the organization is "Pan-American Association of Computational Interdisciplinary Sciences". The organization is based in Sao Jose dos Campos, SP, Brazil. The organization can open brunches in and out of the country. It can join the national/international federations, confederations or similar organizations within and without the country.

Main Purposes

Article 2 - The main purpose of the association is to act without discriminating any religion, language, gender or sexual orientation, race or nationality identities; in the following directions:

  • To promote the understanding, development, scientific and education practice of interdisciplinary sciences where the computational science is explicitly one of the methodological components.
  • To establish a new emergent interdisciplinary community on scientific issues involving applications of computational mathematical modeling, correlated analytical approaches and numerical techniques, computational simulations and analysis for more accurate descriptions, predictions, experimental observations and applications of the phenomenological processes in science and technology.
  • To publish the Journal of Computational Interdisciplinary Sciences (JCIS), for a main audience formed by: computing scientists, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers, Earth and environmental scientists and others researches involved in specific applications of advanced computational methods, techniques, simulations and high performance computing.

Main Activities

Article 3 - The association may work in all areas that it sees necessary for the advancement of interdisciplinary computational sciences (*).

* Any interdisciplinary science having the scientific computing as a necessary theoretical and/or experimental methodological branch.

In order to fulfill its objective, the association may:

  1. To organize open discussions, conferences, seminars, panels, symposiums, meetings and demonstrations alike, concerts, exhibitions; publish materials, organize competitions, give awards that are relevant to the association's objective; to open research and development centers and similar institutions in line with its objective, to establish commercial enterprises to fulfill the objective in Article 2;
  2. To organize campaigns, to run joint activities and meetings by itself or with other organizations that it decides to cooperate;
  3. To establish and run facilities for accommodation, recreation, leisure or social-cultural activities;
  4. To cooperate and collaborate with other private or public institutions and organizations at home or abroad;
  5. To buy or sell, rent or let, all kinds of movable or real property, to have legal administration on all real property;
  6. To run project based activities, to convey national and international projects, to receive and give funds to and from national and international organizations in line with the objective of the association;
  7. To collect aid and donations according to the Law of Collecting Donations and relevant legislation;
  8. To employ and dismiss staff.

BY-LAWS have been prepared to be voted during the 3rd General Assembly in 2014.

R.R.Rosa (General Secretary)

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